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The Educational Entity Master is a repository that contains numbers and basic contact information regarding educational systems in the state of Michigan.

Information exists for public schools, nonpublic schools, intermediate schools districts, and institutions of higher education.

Commonly used information includes school/facility name, grade levels, address, and contact information.

This site is managed by the Center for Educational Performance & Information.

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Welcome to the Educational Entity Master
The EEM application serves as the directory for identifying and linking educational entities with other data collection applications in the state of Michigan. Please note the location of the application user guide and glossary of terms located in the links at the top right of this message. These tools will help you acclimate to the various search features, reports, mapping capabilities and data sets within the EEM. If you need additional guidance for using the EEM, we suggest you go to the following URL to view resources available on the Center for Educational Performance and Information EEM Web page. Thank you.
EEM Web Page
Are your EEM entity records updated for the 2017-2018 school year?
Do you have a new Lead Administrator? Have grades or educational settings changed for any of your entities? Are all email addresses up-to-date? Do you have a current Homeless Education Liaison listed for your district and a District Assessment Coordinator? Please list data for the Special Education contact, Technology Director, Guidance Counselor, Business Manager, and e-Transcript contacts in the Admin/Contacts tab. Be sure to have all records current with the "Effective Date" of 7/1/2017 (or later as appropriate). By law, this date is the first calendar day of the 17-18 SY. It is extremely important that the correct effective date is listed for accurate data submission for the SY. If you have questions about EEM record changes, send them to Thank you!